Drew's Story Continued


In case we haven't met, I'm Drew's mom, Kelly. Many of you reading this are family and friends and some of you have bought Drew's candle. Some of you are tuning in for the first time. My intentions in writing about Drew's story are not for sympathy but to shed light on Drew's illness. For so many years we did not understand. We didn't know what was wrong. He was misdiagnosed for so long and I was helpless to truly help him.  We felt alone. 

I started making candles to give us a way to start the conversation. A conversation that is hard to talk about, for me anyway. I came from a long line of family that just doesn't talk about these things. Family secrets. To tell you about Drew involves sharing some painful memories. 

I will do my best to show you the person Drew is, not the illness that haunts him. In doing that, I will show you the awesome person he is in addition to the struggles he has endured as a person who suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. 

In turn, if you have a loved one who suffers from mental illness, please share your story with me. I would love to feature other people's stories so that together we can have this conversation about mental illness. 

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