Drew's Story- The Hard Truth

Truth is, Drew had a really hard time. He found some younger kids to play with on the street but when stuff happened like, throwing rocks down a neighbors sewer pipe and backing it up into their basement, people were upset. Or the time Drew and a couple of boys started a fire under the house in an enclosed space while I was at the store and his brother was babysitting. Don't worry, no one was hurt and the fire was put out before any real damage occurred, but it was alarming to say the least! Yes, boys will be boys but I think Drew was the extreme example . He honestly wasn't being bad. He was just curious and didn't understand the consequences of what he was doing. He still struggles with that today. Nothing Drew does is ever to intentionally hurt anyone. His perception is askew. We continued to do the normal punishments for bad behaviors as any parent would and of course the neighbors questioned my abilities as a mother, or so I thought, but it was futile. Once Drew was diagnosed with schizophrenia I was finally able to understand and explain some of these occurrences however bizarre they were. It doesn't really make it easier to handle, but at least there was an explanation for it! We do our best to guide Drew in his decisions but as an adult , he wants to make those on his own. I guess as in any family, we don't always agree with the choices our children make...but we love them anyway. God bless em!

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