His journey, not mine

Not wanting to keep you guys hanging too long.. just a little update. Drew is in a situation right now that is complicated and again I will share more on this once we get through it. I met a customer recently who also has a "child" with a mental illness and she said "it's not our journey, it's theirs." It made me think, how hard it is to let go of the things I can't control. All the times Drew has been in a situation that I couldn't get him out of. Trying to teach him how to take care of himself and what his priorities should be. How to be responsible and organized with his medication, daily cleaning, personal hygiene. How to make good choices and listen to his family for advice. When it didn't work out and things got bad, I blamed myself. Could I have done more. Should I have done something differently. This is Drew's journey. As his mom I want to pave the road, remove the road blocks, make people nice, and give him a safe environment to live in. I want him to be happy and feel loved. So I make candles. All kinds of sweet smelling candles with positive words on them to spread the word. And I write these blogs.

Stand Proud!


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