The Drew Saga- Enough is Enough

I can't. I can't begin to tell you, I can't begin to fathom, I can't even ...... Ever feel that way about life? Do you ever just look up at that great big universe and go....AND? Guys I wish I could tell you what's going on and maybe someday we can talk about it, maybe even have a few jokes but right now....this has brought me to tears. World 100  Drew  1 . We've now landed on a whole new playing level and I'm about to get me an education on how the legal system works. So, what would be really great is if we could all get along for one. It would be nice if people would stop taking advantage of other people. It would be nice if we didn't talk to people like they were less than us. It would be nice if we all allowed one another to have the dignity of being who we are. It would be nice if people didn't resort to violence to make a point. See ,I'm making my point without violence, even though its EXTREMELY difficult. I haven't resorted to name calling but I sure do hope the people involved in Drew's recent life stumble upon my humble blog and scratch their heads twice. Hmm, could that be me she's talking about? Well, if you took Drew's money and didn't give him what he needs for medicine and food for the month it might be you .... and if you ever put your hands around my sweet sons throat, I could be talking to you. This is just me, mama lion venting.. but trust me when I say.. there is more to come.

Please for those of you in my enormous family- if you love Drew, if you care about Drew, if you want to help give him a voice- Please share. We are not afraid to say THIS IS NOT ALL RIGHT. I wanted Drew to have a chance- He just wanted a home, someone to love... and they destroyed him. 

There will be more to come. This is just the beginning. 

One Angry Mama

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