One of the Best Days of my Life

We had just finished the holiday celebrations and there was only one thing on my mind. The 9 month pregnancy was rounding month 10 and I was ready to have this baby! Finally after following some instructions my midwives gave me including a soak in the tub followed by a walk around the block, then a nap, my contractions started. We went to the hospital where I had decided to give birth naturally. I had used the epidural for my first pregnancy but I was trying to do everything natural this time including limiting my caffeine intake, choosing to breast feed and cloth diapers. The whole bit. It was a long night with Drew's father and my best friend Sue by my side. Finally we began to make progress and once i was diulated enough, they broke my water. I suddenly changed my mind and asked for the epidural but it was too late. A little demerol and the pushing began. Drew's heart rate dropped and wasn't coming back up between contractions. I could tell they were concerned. I had to get him out. I fought against the urge to hold back fearing the worst and out he came. He was blue and needed oxygen right away but then they brought him to me... a head full of dark hair, hence the horrible heartburn I had endured. He was beautiful, our little Drewbie. He looked nothing like me, completely took after his father's side of the family, but he was mine. I stared at him in wonder and my head filled with every hope and dream imaginable for this little guy. My heart bursting with love.

So it's true. You can love two human beings just as much. His older brother Derek stole my heart first and now Drew. Born on January 3, 1989, the second happiest day of my life. The best part? I could hold him close to me and protect him. I was with him everyday and was his biggest influence. As we know, that doesn't last forever and for me one of the hardest parts of being a Mom is letting them grow up. It's the goal, to get them out into the world, but it terrified me. 

It has been a challenging 30 years and doesn't seem to get much easier but I pray for Drew everyday and hope God will give me the wisdom to know how to help him and the strength to carry it out. He will always be Drewbie to me...cause I'm his Mom. 

Happy 30th Birthday Drew! We love you!

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