Our Story

more than just candles...

Park Avenue was our home. It's where all the hopes and dreams for my children were nurtured. For Drew, it was not so easy. After many evaluations and visits with doctors, therapists, and neurological exams, we finally had a diagnoses at the age of 15. Drew has paranoid schizophrenia and it was rocking our world.  There were many battles ahead of us and we did not win them all. Finding a place for Drew to continue his education and live in a safe environment has proven to be a challenge. We, his loving family continue to provide Drew with the emotional and financial support he requires. He is one of the lucky ones. Too often those who suffer end up on the streets with no where to go. We will not let this happen to Drew. 

Park Avenue Pieces became an outlet for me to create something beautiful out of something old and beaten. It gave me hope. Giving a second chance to these "things" in a way gave me a second chance. I had not always dealt with Drew's illness in the best way. I decided to make something I had always loved. My own line of candles.  We decided that we wanted to make good use of our abilities and so we made these wonderful soy wax candles and vowed to make contributions to a worthy cause in Drew's name. We choose NAMI since it had been my monthly support all these years. 

I have met some pretty wonderful people since this journey began in 2017 and it is true. We are not alone. So many people suffer from mental illnesses such as bi-polar disorder, major depressive disorder and schizophrenia to name a few.So we continue to reach out to you and ask, will you help us shed light on this affliction?  Check out our fundraising page at